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I Had to be free

I still see it in my mind how it´s been.
As i started my lonely flight..
Through the lights of this dark night.
As i left all behind what i freedom once had called.
As I flew then in stranger´s land..
Simply to be free...heavenly free.
It is all that i wanted...
To be for my self...To be far from pain.
When ever I needed.
I had to get free...fin`ly get free..
From all of the voices...
That said " stay on skys you won´t be...
My wings they carried far as i once had hoped.
And i got untouchable.Like a sars..that´s near but far
Lost all that´s human-like..alone this dream was meant to see...
And i understood it...suddenly.
I Had to be free...had to be free...
Thatý what i once wanted.
I wanted to be free from this tears..
..This feelingsthat hurted....
I wanted to search..what´s beyond my night..
So far way from bidden...
Like a gull in the wonderfull light..
And as i returned as what i´m now...
They liked to watch me own sphere.. sparkling flight...
But only some were left how had been able than to see...
this lonley heart that still beats in me.
Simply to be free..So easily free.
Was what I Once wanted..
´Find home for my self.To be all I am..
Whenever i nedded....
I Had to get free...finally been gone...
From all that they´ve done once...
So i fly in skys..have left all that´s been.

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